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welcome everybody to another developer update my name is Jeff I from the overwatch development team we going to talk to you guys about a bunch of popular community topics today and I sort of wanted to go into what is the team working on right now I know a lot of people are wondering you know what going on we don always get to hear from the overwatch development team as often as we like to I need to preface this by saying not everything that I going to mention is coming out immediately some of the stuff will come out in weeks if not months and then some of the stuff that I mentioned might not happen at all sometimes in game development you get pretty far along with some work and then you realize it not working out the way that you want it to so you end up removing it so I do my best to be clear about what is definite versus what is maybe anyway let start first of all we have a lot of cool changes that are on our PTR right now which is our public test region some of those are