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MOSFILM MOSFILM CINEMA CONCERN PRODUCTION COMPANY OF ALEKSANDR LITVINOV With financial support from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation The Russian Military-Historical Society Present ON THE ROAD TO BERLIN Based on the story by E. Kazakevich “Two in the Steppe” and the war diaries of K. Simonov Starring: Yuriy Borisov Amir Abdykalykov Producers: Aleksandr Litvinov Karen Shakhnazarov Screenplay: Evgeniy Nikishov Go! Directed by: Sergey Popov Director of Photography: Shandor Berkeshi R.G.C. Designers: Sergey Fevralev Irina Ochina Composer: Roman Dormidoshin Costumer: Gyulyumzhan Bejshenova Make-up: Sofia Bulychyova Go! Sound: Olga Serdyukova Editor: Olga Kolesnikova Director: Natalya Lyashchenko Executive Producers: Olga Golomovzyuk Maksim Zolotov Project Idea and Artistic Director: Karen Shakhnazarov The Southern Front 1942 Air! Everyone, head for shelter! Air! - Why did you change? - What are you talking about? Why did you change your clothes, you fasсist? Why’d you change? Just leave me alone. Hit the dirt! Fasсists. They’ve got us surrounded! Run for it! - Give me back my rifle. - Get back! Why’d you change clothes, fasсists? I recognize all of you anyway. Why’d you change clothes?! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you all! He almost caused a panic, the rat.