Quantum Matter Lecture 7


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hi welcome back this is now the seventh lecture of the lecture series I got another email question I believe from the same from the same hotmail account and the question was do I always wear a tie even when I in my own house and the answer is no I don always wear a tie when I hold in my own house I but I do always wear a tie when I lecture and I thought that there no particular reason why coronavirus should should change that okay so this lecture is going to be on Fineman theory of superfluid helium okay I said at the end of last lecture that I would then do some example problems from these from an exam I will I promise I will do that exam problem later in the course but I think I going to push it off a couple lectures into the future so we do the exam problem later on but this lecture will cover only Fineman theory of superfluid helium now in the 1950s find and wrote a number of extremely influential papers on superfluid helium as I mentioned before he predicted the superfluid vortices for it for