Gold shorts are on the run: Trader


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went above two thousand dollars an ounce or we just pulling back to about 1942 today a silver also taking a breather but platinum not so much what the next stop for gold after this uh what neil called emotional move higher joining me now is jeff kilburg he the founder and ceo of kkm financial and the cnbc contributor jeff how would you describe this recent move higher and i do think we need to have the inflation discussion i mean there plenty of people out there saying you need to own this because inflation is coming and that fine but it doesn explain why bond yields are going the opposite way and falling to record lows yeah it fascinating kelly i think it a bit of a delayed reaction everyone talking about the u s dollar traded at 93 remember the u s dollar was at above 103 in the depths of march during the carnage in the equity market but here we are seeing gold break out i think the bowls are in control and more importantly the shorts are on the run and that really indicative kelly we look at the volume look at the futures