Top 5 Kayaking Tips and Skills for Beginners


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This episode of PaddleTV is brought to you by the ACA Improving the paddle sports experience for over a century. Learn more and become a member today at In this video, we're going to reveal 5 kayaking tips that will make you a better paddler, or at least, save you from having to learn important lessons the hard way. First off, you might find it hard to believe, but the main purpose of a rudder isn't to help turn your kayak. A rudder's primary role is actually to keep your kayak going straight. In particular, a rudder keeps your kayak traveling straight when you're paddling in windy conditions, because all kayaks naturally want to turn into the wind - something that's called weathercocking. The rudder is used to counteract your kayak's desire to weathercock. If you don't have a rudder, you can find yourself struggling to keep your kayak moving straight, especially if the wind is coming directly from the side. And so if you're going to be paddling in big, exposed bodies of water that see a lot of wind, you'll probably want a kayak with a rudder. The Second key tip is to have a clear understanding of the limitations of where you can take your kayak.