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2, 3, Bangtan! Hello, we're BTS! Yeah! Why are we here today? To do that thing. What's that thing? Yoon Gi will explain what it is. Yoon Gi ! Yoon Gi, explain for us! To be released for our BTS FESTA, it's this attic sort of thing. We don't get any booze. This is Bangtan Attic! We came together to film and release that. That's right. We also have a dress code today. Today's dress code is purple and yellow! Purple and yellow! - Bonobono. - Yellow, purple, yellow. - Yellow and purple. - Purple. Yellow, purple, yellow. Wow! This is Bonobono, yeah! Before the shoot, RM said this was yellow. Let's remove some chroma for the color effect. You're trying hard to make it work. I put on a green hoodie this morning, then I got changed into this. Luckily, I can argue this is purple. Even the drinks are purple and yellow. [Drinks matching (?) the dress code] - No way! - I didn't know. - Isn't that black? - But this is more like black. - Then should we get started? - Okay.