Top 10 Scrapped War Plans


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number ten operation plan three operation plan three was developed by the order of the German Kaiser Wilhelm the first the plan developed in 1903 detailed an invasion of the United States under operation plan three German battleships would have covered a German troops landing around Cape Cod Connecticut and would also call for the bombardment and occupation of New York City overall the purpose of the plan was to give a quick blow to the United States and stop its rise to power number nine the 1964 Soviet plan to invade Europe in 1964 Warsaw Pact forces planned to launch a massive nuclear strike against NATO strongholds in Western Europe the plan also called for Czech forces to then invade Germany while fallout was still in the air from the countless cities nuked by the Soviets the plan was never used because thankfully war never broke out in Europe number eight plan 17 before World War one broke out the French unaware of Germany famous Schlieffen Plan developed a plan to invade Germany directly through its border on the alsace lorraine two wings of a French invasion force would have advanced into Germany and began occupying German cities plan