INGENUITY Playard Disassembly- 60286


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thank you for purchasing ingenuities washable playard giving your baby playard a machine washed clean has never been easier the center hub being raised is vital in disassembling your play yard first remove the mattress from the play yard locate the opening in the center of the zip in bassinet reach through the opening to access the floor frame lift up either end of the play yard while pulling upward on the lever about 90 degrees to raise the floor hub do not attempt to unlock the top rails yet to unlock each rail lift up and lower the center of the rail while pressing the locking mechanism look for the cymbal tip if top rail does not unlock do not force it instead lift the center of the floor a little higher and try again unlock all four top rails and fold the play yard frame inward toward the center place the play yard on the soft side of the mattress wrap the mattress around the play yard and fasten with the three straps the carrying strap should be on top put the play art in the carrying bag and zip it to close removal of the changing table