Minecraft Mod Tutorials 2: Creating Custom Blocks


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hey guys welcome to my second minecraft mod tutorial and i be showing you guys how to make custom box which is very easy to do so the first thing you want to do is to open up your minecraft coder pack which I have just saved under my C Drive in an MCP folder and then you want to open up whatever ide you use to edit java files i use eclipse oh if you use something else that fine if you don have one just go to google type in eclipse and you can download it it free so it easy to use also okay so anyways just go to file open and we going to want to open the block java file which I show you where it at go to your mcp file and then it under sources and then minecraft and then just keep clicking until you get to source and we want to open the file called block java this class defines all the blocks so if you just scroll down you will see all the data fields or all the blocks are defined okay all the box as you can see our public