Generac valve adjustment confusion


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this is my Generac 20 kilowatt standby generator covers on they exhaust covers a exposing muffler and the fan mail it it down there now the manual describes turning that in a clockwise fashion so I going to be turning it clockwise when I facing this side of the unit and I going to show you what happens here sorry about that there we go I got my spark plug removed so I got a pencil in the spark plug hole and I starting to turn it very slowly now and the clockwise direction pistons going down and the intake valve is opening and now the pencil is coming back up the Pistons coming back up the intake valve is closing and I thought this would be the compression stroke so it would be where I trying to find top dead center but as this pencil is coming up right is it crest at the top the exhaust valve starts to open and from what I been told that is not supposed to happen and in another video I seen that is also not what happening so now my exhaust valve is open closing cylinder is coming back up and