Page Authority and How to Use It!


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SEO was a constantly changing landscape every time the SEO changes our sites have to change in order to keep up with it now SEO changing is brought about by things such as Google Bing or Yahoo changing the page out rhythms to determine what is more important no I and we going to talk about today is page Authority page Authority is is how closely a site is related to your your nature your site now a good example of this would be a lawyer website is not exactly the same as a flower website so they not exactly related now if we had to avoid linking to one another that would be great page Authority between those two now with the recent Panda and Penguin updates page authorities of major ranking factor may cite some extreme drops in their rankings 22 pages ority of many sites are lacking proper links from proper page Authority websites lots of websites have been using forum links and just constant spamming procedures in order to actually get their ranks higher now in order to actually get higher page rankings you need to have better page Authority in order to implement the strategy