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the question in Argentina is no longer what if but what now regardless of the outcome of the fighting of the islands or diplomatic efforts at the UN Argentina appears destined for a new government can be held early next year could include any or all members of the Argentine behind the government it worked the capital translated into spilled blood on the battlefields of the Malvinas the mood in Argentina quickly turned from one of nationalistic euphoria to a fatalistic resignation but there remains a reserved air of optimism that once the Malvinas crisis is resolved three elections denied the people of Argentina by three successive hunters will be held once more and the National Congress boarded up by the government here since 1976 will be reopened James album English chefs Keys CNN Quetta sabes when the closing bell sounded thursday argentina had set a new record trading almost 17 billion pesos in a single two hour period that makes up their total market time for a day despite the conflict in the south atlantic the bolsa de comercio or stock market here in Buenos Aires has been steadily moving up traders on the floor say stock prices have