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Vanessa: Hi. I'm Vanessa from Are you ready to hear a real English conversation? Let's get started. Vanessa: Today, I have something super special to share with you. I met an interesting woman whose family runs a salt business. Yes, salt. You're going to meet Carla and hear how her family started the salt business three generations ago. You'll also learn some differences and different types of salt and just some interesting insight into something that every human needs, but we don't often think about. I'm sure that you also have things that you're passionate about, so it's a good chance to listen to our conversation and try to imitate the way that we speak. Vanessa: Throughout this conversation, you're going to see subtitles down here. That's going to show some vocabulary, phrasal verbs, and important pronunciation that we're going to talk about after the conversation lesson, because after the conversation lesson with Carla, you're going to hear a vocabulary lesson between my husband Dan and I, where we're going to explain some important vocabulary expressions that you heard in the conversation with Carla. I hope that you're going to be able to remember these expressions a little bit better, because we're having a natural conversation about those expressions.