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the kovat 19 pandemic brought many industries around the world to a dramatic halt including Hollywood since March film production has been suspended as shelter and place orders went into effect leaving many in the industry out of work and while California has given the go ahead for production to resume as of June 12 it unclear when film and TV production will return to full capacity I think there probably a world where some version of production maybe starts happening as early as August but it be at the pace of everyone feeling like they all doubted their eyes and cross their T in terms of the safety however technology developed for the video game industry could play a role in getting Hollywood back to work then we were doing John the book and Lion King all the executives came in and all of a sudden you could see their eyes light up and they all saw the potential of it it is the digital equivalent of making a movie with digital tools as opposed to real tools virtual production which was integral in creating the first Star Wars TV show the mandalorian and Disney remake of The Lion