Code Hangout #22: How to Record and Replay Audio in iOS - iOS Development


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all right hey guys it the founder of developers Academy and today is our second coat hangout we will learn about how to record and replay audio in iOS and here the engine that for this one and again I thank you so much for you guys watching this and I know a lot of you guys are in different time zone so if you missed this I will post a replay of this called hangout on the block for you guys okay and so in it here the agenda for this this one and the first thing I want you to go and download the star project right down below okay whenever you find this code hangout and today we will talk about the avfoundation avfoundation is a lot there a lot of thing in this one but we just talk specifically about av audio recorder and IV audio player and you can see if from the name of this alone it the IV audio recorder is to record audio and the IE v audio player is to play the audio okay and then we won record in the audio and we play it and after that we will