Generational curses


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hi there I Jeannette Straus and I wrote this book prayers and petitions from the courtroom of heaven to the throne of grace and mercy to go along with the courtroom book and we getting a lot of requests asking also about generational bloodline curses so today what I I just going to read out of this chapter for you and you can go along with me and pray about your generational bloodline curse so hang in there I just going to read so we want to go into the courtroom of heaven and the first thing we want to do is we want to make sure that we ourselves are clean before the judge we want to repent and ask forgiveness for any sin in our lives and ask him to wash us clean and then we do the same for the generational bloodline but first what cleanse ourselves so as we go into the court before the judge the enemy doesn have anything against us so we pray right now in the name of Jesus father we coming into your courtroom in heaven and Lord we are repenting on behalf of any sin that I committed against you