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hey everyone this is Jeff from the overwatch team excited to be here today to talk to you guys a little bit about ranked play now I want to set expectations correctly because I don have a firm design to put forth to you guys I know that you have a lot of thoughts and a lot of investment in what ranked or competitive play might be for overwatch obviously you and I both study other games and we think a lot about you know which games we really engage with and which sort of ranked or competitive systems mean a lot to us or we get the most out of so I know you all very educated about how these systems work and I don have the specific design for overwatch yet because that what we exploring internally right now but I thought it would be useful for us to talk a little bit about goals and philosophy with the system it been really interesting because I think a lot of us approach ranked or competitive play from a different mindset there some people who come at it from a highly competitive almost pro gamer eSport who is the