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what up everybody this is Jeff from the overwatch team we are super excited to be back with another developer update but even more than the developer update we excited that beta is back we hope for those of you who are in the beta you having a smooth experience we really excited to get your feedback we need to know what you guys think of the game we need to know what we need to change before launch so it a very important process for us so as many of you have probably realized by now there have been a lot of changes to overwatch since the last time that the beta was up and running so I gonna try to cover some of those as briefly as possible first of all we have the new progression system and I think there a lot about the progression system already out there we have a really in depth blog post that you guys can read to get all the details but for those of you don want to you know dive right into that blog post the long and the short of it is you now have a player lever