Samsung announces an LTE version of the Chromebook Plus V2 will be launched on November 2 for $ 599.


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Music Samsung has just announced an LTE version of the Chromebook plus v2 one of the most capable Chromebooks in recent memory it a semi professional Chromebook that will be released on November 2nd for 599 99 which is 100 more than the basic Wi Fi version on samsung com Best Buy and Verizon the Chromebook plus v2 LTE retains all the specifications and features of its cousin with Wi Fi connection which includes a 12 point two inch full HD display with maximum brightness of 300 nits a decent intel celeron 39 65 y processor 4 gigabytes of ram 32 gigabytes of storage solid state and a 39 wh battery a lot of what makes the Chromebook plus v2 LTE a semi professional Chromebook is it solid specification sheet and its build quality it has a large screen size for a Chromebook a power saving processor a 360 degree hinge and a stylus the additional flexibility of Verizon LTE makes this version of the Chromebook plus v2 more convenient for workers and remote travelers after all you could use Instagram on your Chromebook to take pictures with the 13mp rear camera