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Hey Thoughty2 here. Life is like a box of chocolates; it’s far too expensive and I only enjoy about 50% of it. But when it comes down to it, what on earth, or anywhere else, is life? From our perspective, water and rocks and spoons and slippers are all inanimate objects but how do we decide what is alive and what is not? Is there a point where the chemistry suddenly crosses over? Would we recognize an alien species if we saw it? And if you really really believe hard enough, can you bring something to life? When you’re trying to define life, you realize that it can’t be a black and white. It’s like asking how many trees do you need to make a forest? What’s the point where a snack becomes a meal? And how many cats must you own before you have a problem? There is no one criteria that we can use to define life and we must remember that we have an obvious tendency to focus on our planetary carbon based existence when there are countless other worlds that could have created living beings from other elements such as silicon or iron or.