AntMiner E3 Overview and Profit Comparison


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hello YouTube your friends from crypto crane here today we gonna be taking a look at the brand new ant miner III fresh out of the box will be going over physical dimensions and specs taking a look at how it actually performs and doing a bit of comparing and contrasting to see how it stacks up against previous ant miner bottles ready then let go okay and here we go there is the bit main box complete with bit main tape let get our handy dandy exacto knife out carefully cutting along the side there we go and yet don forget about the other side good well done yep hey what do you know it still tape because you haven cut it yet there we go and once more in the middle for posterity wonderful and the boxes Opie oh yes absolutely close it up safety first it up and let get rid of that because nobody actually reads that yep front back side aside very good let get oh my goodness this thing is heavy how heavy I not sure I say maybe double an s9 there it is in all its glory pull off the styrofoam endcaps