【English&Indonesian】想看你微笑 02丨Smile 02(主演:李汶翰, 杜雨宸,侯俊丞, 刘倩妏)【未删减版】


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Smile Episode 2 Have you found it? Where did I put it? Flip through it again Du Ruo Du Nian When did you come back? Your shoot is wrapped? She is back for an audition. Of what? You've been at Sheng Hua for so long, it was all for naught. Not even knowing about the latest blockbuster that is about to be filmed <i>Life Tide</i> <i>Life Tide</i> is a big project. No one knows you, are you sure? You don't know right? Clear Sky Entertainment contacted me recently. They want to sign me. Clear Sky Entertainment, you know them?. Boss He she is a major shareholder of Sheng Hua. I envy you so much! When will I be discovered? Amazing, Du Nian! ?Wow, we dance before dawnbreak? ?Let's dance wildly? ?Rocking, dance wildly? ?Rocking? ?Wow, we dance before dawnbreak? ?Let's dance wildly? ?Rocking beats wildly? ?Rocking? ?EOEO. Get lose of the handcuff on your mind? ?Kio Kio This world has come to take pictures for you? ?Drunk in love, come on one shot? ?Don't think of disappearing alone? ?Being alone is driving me crazy? Shu Zhan Sis Xun. What brought you here? About Ji Xiaoxing Sis Ye will help you solve it.