11 Things NOT to do in Dubai - MUST SEE BEFORE YOU GO!


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Music Plus you didn know the UAE is located in the Middle East just above Oman next to Saudi Arabia it a pretty amazing place with some awesome people but because it an absolute monarchy there some surprising rules that are gonna need now before you go number one social media recently a British citizen was in prison for sharing a charity for refugees in Afghanistan on his Facebook page because of this it safer just not to post anything on social media while you in the country coz strict cyber security laws were enacted in 2012 and any posting that is seen to mock the government Islam or people Dubai is subject to imprisonment number 2 alcohol laws the UAE has some pretty crazy drinking laws in Abu Dhabi the drinking age is 18 in Dubai it 21 and its outright prohibitive in Sharjah three years only allowed in specific zones and anyone drinking outside of those must have an alcohol license so basically only drinking clubs and bars number three vaping electronic cigarettes and vapes are outright illegal in Dubai will most likely be confiscated at the border even if they don get you entering the country definitely