NCT 127 On Meeting North American NCTzens On Tour, Intense Choreography & More (FULL) | PeopleTV


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Applause that a clip from NCT one to 7 music video regular which has us all pretty hyped here in the studio and people outside the studio as well NCT one to seven is here with us live of course we have to let you guys do your special greeting for us go for it to get the greeting watching the livestream the fans heads just exploded we never had a crowd this big outside of the building that just incredible how does it make you feel knowing you have all these fans that show up in person it awesome there a lot of talk yes look at all that oh you got the tour by the way the tour bus is not so subtle but yeah yeah it pretty incredible though you guys have a lot going on let start with your announcement last week on GMA releasing an EP on May 24th called we are superhuman what can you tell us about the theme of this EP well the EP is called VR superhuman and the title song is called superhuman as well so what we want to do is have you know just we talking about everyone