AntMiner A3 Setup Guide & Review by CryptoCrane


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hey everyone this is ross from crypto cream today I be reviewing the brand new ant miner a3 Blake to be miner from bit Maine what is Blake to be you ask that the hashing algorithm used by SIA coin which is a cryptocurrency that aims to be a decentralized cloud storage platform being the first consumer available ISA capable of using the Blake to be algorithm the 815 Giga hashes per second that is advertised as truly breathtaking unfortunately there are currently no other viable cryptocurrencies that use the Blake to be algorithm which begs the question why didn bit main simply advertise this as the ant miner III see a coin miner they didn shy away with the l3 plus like coin miner the d3 minor or the s9 Bitcoin miner I got a sneaking suspicion that this may due to some interesting politics between bit mean and the see a coin developer community we get to that in a few minutes though the ant miner a3 borrows the same form factor found in the at miner s9 III and l3 plus series so it should look familiar to most of you just as a quick side note