$10 Nerf Gun Review - Nerf Zombie Strike Doublestrike Blaster Dart Gun


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Music hey guys look what I got I got the nerve double strike from the zombie strike series and we gonna do an unboxing coming up next we gonna open this thing up alright so here is our nerf gun here and really not much is securing it so let just do a little snip snip pull this out oh there was a little string in there that I pulled out this has a really nice vibrant color I like it it actually feels really good in my hand that nice very nice very nice and of course it comes with two darts so let see if I can sit down my scissors let this thing open hopefully we can do this timely man there we go pull these things out and of course these are the elite darts very nice so I gonna do just a quick little demo right here push these in it seems like that about the length distance you can stick them in there so about that much sticking out you should be good to go alright that kind of a cool little multi shot we are gonna do a accuracy test here coming up