Jumping the Broom Review


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then may I say that you certainly raised a wonderful thank you wonderful I wish I could say the same about you and your daughter Oh said that the wrong way I mean I wish I had met her earlier before now why don we go into the house making more go Paula Patton and laz alonso are about to say I do even if his mother rather they didn the bride comes from a life of luxury raised by a mother played by Angela Bassett who taught her to appreciate the finer things in life the groom grew up in Brooklyn raised by a working class mom played by loretta devine these two worlds collide just as the couple comes together for their wedding secrets are revealed and some skeletons come out of the closet that threatened to end this marriage before it begins it wasn for my mother wouldn be the man you want America if it wasn for your mother I wouldn be questioning it for the man I want to marry every family has its secrets jumping the broom is a well intentioned but ultimately week feature film and has all the makings of an ok