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What's up, everyone? This is Jeff from the Overwatch Team here with another Developer Update. Yes, we're still in the quarantine. I hope you and all of your loved ones are doing OK, and everybody's hanging in there. Now, I know there's a lot you want to be updated on. One of the top things that we've been hearing about and reading about from the community is a desire to know more about what's going to happen with the Competitive Open Queue that's currently in the Arcade. Now, we know it's ending very, very soon, and so there's a lot of questions of whether or not this mode is ever going to come back, or what's going to happen with it. So I want to answer all of that right now. It's actually been fascinating to watch the response to Competitive Open Queue. Across the world, and as you know, Overwatch is a very global game, people play Competitive Open Queue in very different ways. So, for example, in Korea, Competitive Open Queue in the Arcade is the second most popular mode being played right now, while in North America, Competitive Open Queue is less popular than Mystery Heroes, or even Workshop modes being played in the game browser.