Megaliths: Geometry, Metrology & Astronomy - Robin Heath Megalithomania Interview


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good afternoon sir hello Robin Heath and what brings you to shiny MIT Lithuania well the first day of summer today but I come to megaliths Romania too because I a full time researcher in two megalithic matters I been doing that for 20 years would you say you are a megalomaniac no no it a dangerous word maniac but you know it been a very important part of my last 20 years and talk to me a little bit about you or your your speciality your passion yeah passion is was really fired up when I suppose I went to see Alexander Tom lecture in the 60s at the University and this quiet and rather difficult to understand with the Scottish accent guy sort of blew me a bit away with what he found out about stone circles and their geometry and their astronomy and their and their metrology these three things metrology that units of length being used he was an engineer not an archaeologist so he asked the very basic question these devils using and the unit of length it a very reasonable thing it used widely is it the same one in every Sun you know