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hey everybody this is Jeff from the overwatch team we bringing another developer update so you know what going on in the beta things have been going awesome so far your participation has been fantastic for those of you not in the beta we also really appreciated hearing all your thoughts and concerns and ideas in the community that been pretty amazing so as you guys know we just put out a decent sized patch for the beta there were a lot of under the hood changes that we were working on one of the areas that were most excited about to explore in this beta test is matchmaking so there some key matchmaking things that we going to experiment with this time around and I sort of wanted to apologize in advance because there might be moments where you get some imbalance matches there might be moments where you have to wait a little bit longer for matches we actually think it be the opposite that you get matches quicker but they probably might not seem as fair because we doing a lot of experimentation that the whole point of being in beta is to do stuff like this