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You may have noticed recently that YouTube has changed their layout a bit. This is as of September 2017. Now what you may not have noticed is that YouTube has also made transcriptions or closed captions from the YouTube videos more accessible. Now let me show you what I'm talking about. Here is my -- one of my videos that I have uploaded on YouTube. And when I pull up that video, you can see here -- I'm going to pause it. And you can see here that it has closed captioning available. And if you go down to where there's the thumbs up, thumbs down, share, and the add to and then these three dots, click on the three dots. And now you can open the transcript. Now previously if you opened up the transcript, it would show up below here where I've made notes. And instead, it's showing up here on the right. Now as before, all the little codes are along the wording. And if you look down here it says English Auto-Generated, and there's a down arrow. Now it says English Auto-Generated and also English.