Wrangler TJ Project - Hard Top - Clean- Repair - Prep for Paint


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hey brother redneck garage well today I gonna be working on the top and if there a little cold outside but I been disassembling it this is the weather stripping looks really good I just painted it and I gonna be taking it off getting it prepped if you remember I bought this top for 500 bucks and it did have some minor damage on the rear corners and the other sides of it so this is the video about taking it back off trying to get it prepped because I got a couple of days where it going to be in the high 50s outside and I believe that it going to be warm enough to be able to shoot some paint on this thing if I hustle so let take a look so it just broke 40 degrees and I freezing my butt off out here but yeah I good try to get this thing cleaned up I do have my Wranglers on that have flannel lining so that a lot warmer in just my ears are a little bit cold and hopefully my pressure washer though electric wind isn frozen up so we gonna try to get