Dysmenorrhea - CRASH! Medical Review Series


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we back again with our OBGYN lectures this talk is going to be on dysmenorrhea so dis meaning painful memory abhi menstrual flow so painful menstrual flow painful menses and this is the cause of chronic or cyclical chronic pelvic pain in women of reproductive age so this is the most common cause of pelvic pain of cyclical pelvic pain in women of reproductive age you run into this quite often so a 17 year old girl comes in to your clinic complaining of crampy lower abdominal and pelvic pain with her periods over the last year the pain predictably comes the day before she gets her period when she starts bleeding and it lasts about three or four days and it completely gone by the time it stops bleeding right now she presently having some lower abdominal pelvic pain she rates it as a plus four out of ten she also tells you that her last period was four weeks ago and she says that she a virgin and has no history of STDs physical exam is remarkable for my lower abdominal pain to palpation no rebound or guarding pelvic exam is unremarkable so what do we do with