Intermittent Fasting is the Best Way to Spike Your Testosterone


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hey guys in this video we gonna talk about how to use in a minute fasting as the quickest way to boost your testosterone levels okay so check this out in a minute fasting can increase your testosterone by a hundred and eighty percent and it does it by triggering the hypothalamus in your brain which is a very small gland and it does it through a hormone called the gonna know tropic releasing hormone which is released by the hypothalamus and it kind of goes down to a cascade effect until it eventually increases testosterone in an obese person this hormone will increase by 26 and another obese person it increase by 67 okay again you don need to know this you just need to know that it massively increases testosterone but here the thing you also need to know insulin will kill your testosterone levels it just flattens it and what will increase insulin is eating eating too frequently carbs alcohol and being fat so in other words the more weight you lose because you actually an overweight person has high levels of insulin so a thinner person has low levels so as you lose weight it be