Fischer Carbonlite Pole Review


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hey Dave can you tell us a little bit about the new Fisher RCS carbon light pole sure so this is our top end Pole this has the lightest swing weight of any pole in the industry now we use an ultra high modulus carbon fiber in this pole the grip is also unique in that it has a zipper attachment so once you actually get the strap adjusted around your glove to take the strap on and off as a simple opening of the zipper and closing of a zipper once you flip the zipper down it locks into place so the zipper doesn migrate while you skiing we use cork in the grip for insulating purposes to keep your hands warm quite honestly we have a tip that is very common within the industry at a very small tip for firm snow conditions it has a carbide tip that will not detune over time and this is Fisher newest Pole and we had very good success with it and we think that you would like it a lot if you give it a try sizing for skate skis you would like to have your pole saw between your