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this is a Windows Phone app review of movie planet which is available in the marketplace for free this app lets you view basically illegal movies for free on your phone in nice and friendly interface and so I start with that I personally don agree with viewing illegal movies but that aside the point and WM power user does not endorse viewing illegal movies that it if you are somebody who wants to view those movies on your phone this is a really excellent app to do so has really great interface and works really well and you can even download movies too so that you can view them later so for example if I hope if I go over to my downloads I actually downloaded a movie here the World End and so I can select it until it actually has a seat bar here so you can jump into the middle of the movie there and of course depending on the source you get some crappy annoying things like Chinese subtitles so it definitely not the best view in your experience but that not the apps fault that the fault of online illegal movies which of course