iPhone's Mogo-Talk Soon to be on Blackberry and Android


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this episode sponsored by go to assist express hey this is andy mccaskey with SDR news for the tech podcast network here at CES 2010 we at the Mogo booth and we gonna do time travel we going to go back to 2004 and i say stir it what new what are you going to show me as if this were 2004 world first integrated bluetooth mouse that can actually store incharge inside your pc this is the Mogul mouse that is the winner the best of CES in 2004 that allows you to have the full integrated performance of a mouse with you always charge whatever you want from there we progress the product line a little bit of time travel we going to go through time travel and actually we progressed a great deal because the next thing we want to look at is this netbook here so on the netbook line as portability becomes more important to users and the size of the keyboards and the touch pads gets even smaller and more painful we been able to adapt the award winning mogul mouse into a design that can now be integrated into the case and design