Salt Facial Skin Renewal Therapy


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Music okay so I going to start on the forehead if you choose asses pretty much I going to do like a balcony okay so I going to go horizontally in this direction for Music okay and then I will just see if around your eyes it a very delicate area I am on the lowest setting except for anyone first time somebody that very regularly get facials or like to ask you feel that it is very less compensation then I like cool but I got three of the bubbly fossils that are there and you literally will be verified and once mum 100 foliated or anything like that every DJ a couple games as well okay Music let me have comfortable Music it not really too much at all Music acquaintance of things but it really just fine until respectfully yeah good job always a 10 10 is more for like body that does couple of stretch marks so you do this treatment on full body as well you can yes yes I have a tunnel do that for about back acne and then great frakking lat certain lights in the way Music no and it was three