TEKKEN 3 PlayStation Classic First play! Lei Wulong! Lets play! Retro Playstation Gaming!


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boom let do this king of the ant oh the throwback playstation startup so aha here we go check that old skill start up graphics back in the day that like used to be the best graphics ever you like oh my God look at the cutscenes there it just looks like you can get better graphics and games name and favorite game right now as probably don know it probably Courtney I love I do love for Nate right now it so much fun and we really enjoying to read are also on this law what guy this is dad marshal and forest law Music give the game of all time poisonous that is a really tough question I think probably the face game I ever played and because it was so far ahead of its time it probably Metal Gear Solid the one that is on that PlayStation classic it was unbelievable that was so amazing so much amazing stuff on it and really really amazing like the respect where you had to like I think you had to like switch the desks to this I at one point there was a part where you had to change