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what up guys brand new video in today throwback Thursday is the galaxy Foamposite rookie now this was a very successful hybrid for penny actually probably one of the best hybrids ever made by nike in my opinion these rookies were flying off shelves especially this pair right here and there was another pair of the sole collector pair which was bananas and the only release through ipad you had to buy a soul collector magazine online which was a good gimmick to make money and you purchase a shoe I wasn successful uh I really loved that it had the pods actually glowed in the dark and how you so collectible goes here it was a nice shoe but this is a nice shoe even though it doesn have the glow in the dark pods or the sole collector you know logo you do have your patch that removes and then you have your pen logo underneath that velcro your back tab has that removed before take flight then the other pair I not sure if I left it in the box yep I left it in a box actually has the remove before flight tag it some way