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what up what up YouTube back at it again we installing her fan today that is correct we are gonna show you how to install this fan and so keep watching let go Music what up guys here what came in the box we got the max fan 6 200 K a lot of people who are doing these kind of builds lil either get the max fan or the max hair the maxxair you can run in the rain you have to shut it so this one it can run open in the rain all the time it got a manual open and close you can get the upgraded one which comes with the remote just a typical 12 volt it got ten different speeds we plugged it in to make sure it works already we didn want to cut a hole and then put it in and then it doesn work because that really stuck the next thing is got the screws this is our actual mounting plate this will sit in the roof like this and then these bolts will get attached right here this is a cover plate that gets used to cover it up from