Taco Bell Doritos Locos Taco Big Bell Box Meal Review


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hey guys it ken from KVD productions TV and I am at Taco Bell to do their Doritos Locos Tacos I going to do the Fox let do the Box hi could I do the Doritos Locos Tacos uh I do the Yeldon actually I do the big box I guess I do a Pepsi please that would be it thank you thank you 10 16 for the big box awesome you too okay we all parked and you still had to use my debit I didn have any cash on me so the Doritos Locos Tacos box is 899 Canadian I was a dollar seventeen tax so it came to ten sixteen Canadian and let see what they gave us we got our plop our straw during the drive through testing I don think Taco Bell has failed in anything for the for the drive through test the Pepsi tastes like Pepsi that a good thing lots of napkins very well done it comes in this big KFC bag I know a lot of Americans think it funny when I get a KFC bag and in French it pfk not that says KFC on this side so okay in