La botella de whisky más cara del mundo


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well representing the company chief executives that has just launched the world most expensive whiskey at 100 000 pounds for a single bottle it a great accolade personally it clearly a great accolade for the company and it the continuation of a long journey we been on with the Dharma to develop ever increasingly rare and prestigious single bottle whiskies it worth saying in the first instance that a the minimum age of whiskers in these three bottles of the dermal Trinity s are a minimum of 64 year olds whiskers some have been in our warehouses for up to 140 years and we taken those whiskers we then matured them in casks and then we found the finest engravers the finest bottle manufacturers put to put together the package of the dow more trinit s what we saying is we have already found two buyers for two of the three bottles that we produced of the Dalmore trinity us who have been happy to pay the hundred thousand pound price tag this is a unique product unlike some luxury goods let say within fashion these bottles will never be repeated to me price doesn matter it a lot of