Book Review: Pen & Ink Drawing: A Simple Guide by Alphonso Dunn


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hi this is teal from Papa voxcom today I want to show you this book called pen and ink drawing a simple guide I just bought this a few days ago and it has arrived and author is Alfonso Dunn I featured his YouTube channel in the earlier video so this is sort of like a companion book to his video tutorials so let take a look at what inside I bought this book on Amazon there are now quite a lot of reviews from the customers many of which are actually just YouTube subscribers me included so these are the seven chapters in the book the first one talks about supplies and the rest of the chapters actually focuses on patterning techniques many of the techniques are actually shown in his video tutorials however if you want a quick reference you do not want to if you do not want to watch the videos again this is a very quick reference that you can refer to to some of the techniques that are taught in his videos for example in this chapter it teaches you how to use just a pen to create all these different strokes how to