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are you embarrassed because you got a Sewing machine for Christmas or you bought one yourself you haven taken out of the box yet it still in the closet why I here to help you welcome to the Sewing Report i your host jennifer moore helping you discover your love of sewing and of course sewing machines if that something that interests you feel free to hit that subscribe button and we are talking about how to get a little mushy out of the box what do you do first I was actually in your shoes about three years ago I got a vintage machine i was a disaster i didn know what the heck I was doing so I going to try to make a video to show you what you need to do like the very basic stuff you need to do to get this thing working now this video is not going to teach you how to be an expert seamstress but this video will hopefully show you how to go from box to basic stitching so let get started ok so the first thing you need to do is open the box just get out the