OBS Beer Review: Chaucer’s Winery - Mead


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Music hey guys thanks for tuning in to another exciting episode of the open bottle society my name is keen on ball and today we going to be doing something very special for you this evening here on periscope youtube and OBS beers com alright guys if you guys don know what meat is it is still considered in the beer family but it is technically honey why but the way it made please go look it up I going to be a dick may you guys do some fucking lower we can just give me the answers all the goddamn time ask Siri ask that bitch Siri Siri what me and she gonna go hmm glad you finally have some intelligence right this little girl I want to see mr look Rick and then all of a sudden I don want to do that you ever hear sure you go yeah I don want to do that or Google search that bitch ass ok Google this google and google idea what up can you look at me the show see Google a little easier than fucking asking Siri so I digress now I not going to let him read