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are you familiar with spotlight where are a four person investigative team the journalists we portray and that when we do the hard work and now there are fewer of them what I focus on is finding a way to make this paper essential to its readers it an incredible service that these guys offer what those guys do they do it because they want to do what they need to do and arguably serves a greater function the Boston priest molested kids in six different parishes over the last 30 years the church found out about it and did nothing this strikes me as an essential story to a local paper journalism is a integral part of a free and healthy society you can have a free society without a free press you want to sue the church technically we wouldn sue the church we file a motion to lift the seal on those documents the story is an example of really strong local investigative journalism that had a at first a national impact than global impact that an important thing to remember especially today we investigative journalism has taken a huge hit the church will fight us very