Soraka Pajama Guardian ⭐ First impression and review from #Lmaiwig 💕


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Music Applause Music Applause y welcome back to my channel really lately and today I want to do are you for a cosplay about this talk about your guardian costume and as you can see here there my Soraka star Guardian costume this one is also from raucously and let not waste any time and let jump in the new costume ok it a big stretch as you can see I can actually Music I so excited because that is my story practice of all the time so when I asked for collaboration and asked about this costume I already seen I was so happy they say yes to me don mind the way I dressed because I on my actual pajama I wasn planned in this video but this came in and I was I am so excited still and I want to review like heavily in my hand like scene first time so and actually different from the one that I have wait let me take you so I can show you an MX okay this one is the one that I have for circuit attorney I put a glitter on because I messed with Twitter it so