Phone Collection (2/5/17 update)


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is my precious year and this is my phone collection as February 2016 right now I have 57 devices and let get on into it so the Samsung Galaxy core prime I switch cameras by the way so now I using a new one HTC EVO Music the joy trees around iPod Touch first gen I have two of these I believe this one is the eight gig a home button doesn work on this one sadly the lg optimus fuel I am going to do a review on this one Samsung Galaxy S 2 epic I really want to try to figure out how to get CyanogenMod out here lg optimus exceed 2 don mind the background movies iPod Touch first gen this is a 16 gig one and the home button does work on this one they both running iOS 3 1 3 if you any of you are concerned so iPhone 6 Moto G first gen 2 trio stuff g2 10 1 inch tablets this one like mess down messed up down here and then slight crack right here internally then this one works perfectly this one my brother right here he gave it to me Google