Marriott CEO: Bringing Dignity & Opportunity to Front-Line Workers


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Music good morning good morning so that very impressive resume but what were you doing on the day Lindbergh flew the Atlantic he actually didn tell the story which he loves to tell recently he go someplace in that people will say well what was it like in 1927 do we have yes I read about it in books so but in all seriousness so you recently celebrated your 20th anniversary with the company hospitality industry as many of you probably know has incredibly high turnover but Marriott has been an exception to this rule for a long time I believe it something like 13 000 of your employees have 20 years plus well it a lot yeah it a very it a substantial achievement it one reason they a great place to work company year year after year and it ended addition you know Marriott has something like it 200 000 plus employees worldwide a few counts yeah clothes cars are models a little complicated because in many of the hotels we run outside the u s they not legally our employers or employees of the owner but we think we have about 675 thousand people that wear our